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Remember all that legendary candy you grew up with from the local corner store? Get it all again and relive your childhood with The Classic. This Candy Box is filled with a yummy mix of chocolates, licorice and the more 'classic' range of candy - making it a perfect all rounder!

Total Weight: Over 2kg


Classic Box

GST Included
  • Fantales | Teeth | Gummy Bears | Raspberry Twists | Chocolate Almonds | Strawberries & Cream | Milkos | Twin Cherries | Sour Gummy Worms | Caramel Fudge | Fruity Licorice Bites | Licorice Bullets | Licorice All Sorts | Pineapples | Milk Bottles | Cheekies | Caramel Duds | Sherbies | Giant Freckles | Chocolate Pretzels | Killer Pythons | Red Frogs | Jelly Filled Strawberries | Red Ripperz

  • Please be advised that shipping may cause your candy gift box to appear different to its original packed state. 

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