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Let's be honest, with this Candy Box, someone is about to get absolutely wrecked. The Sweet & Sour is stuffed full of the very best sour candy you can find including sour rollers, sour gummies, sour bubble gums, sour sprays & sour slimes.  This puppy will blow your brains out with sour... 

and you will love it.

Total Weight: Over 1kg


Sweet & Sour Box

GST Included
  • Smog Balls | Warhead Ooze Chews | TNT Mega Sour Tower | Warhead Sour Bombs | Brain Licker | Dip n Lick | Sour Slime | Warhead Super Sour Double Drop | Nerds Sour Chews | Sour Bears | Peach Heart | Sour Strawberries | Sour Peaches | Sour Giant Cola Bottle | Giant Rainbow Strap | Sour Red Frogs | Sour Geckos | Bum Blaster | Camel Ball | Possum Poo | Roo Blue | TNT Sour Chews | Zombie Chew | Concord Cry Baby Tears | TNT Sour Shock

  • Please be advised that shipping may cause your candy gift box to appear different to its original packed state. 

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