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Sometimes it can be crazy hard to find the perfect gift for someone's birthday.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with the Birthday Bonanza Candy Box.  This bad boy is loaded up to the brim with a wide range of candy, including gummies, classics, bubblegum, lollipops and sours. 

Plus we have thrown in a bonus birthday badge and party poppers for the birthday boy or girl!


Total Weight: Over 1.6kg


The Birthday Bonanza

GST Included
  • Nerds Theatre Box | Wacky Gum | Trolli Mini Burger | Fads | Fairy Floss | Allen's Fantales | Allen's Freckles | Allen's Pineapples | Trolli Gummi Bears | Jelly Filled Strawberries | Blueberry Clouds | 3D Gummy Cupcakes | Jersey Caramels | Bananas | Trolli Octopuses | Allen's Red Frogs | Gummy Pizza | Allen's Strawberry & Cream | Giant Sour Cola Bottles | Trolli Watermelon Slices | TNT Giant Rainbow Sour Straps | Chupa Chups | Party Poppers | Birthday Badge

  • Please be advised that shipping may cause your candy gift box to appear different to its original packed state. 

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