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It doesn't get much more hectic than this: The Candy Crazy Box is for the ultimate candy lover.  Absolutely jam packed with a huge range of candy, this baby will blow your mind.  We are talking gummies, sours, sherbet, bubble gum and the signature Monster Jawbreaker weighing over 250g alone!


Total Weight: Over 2kg


The Candy Craze

GST Included
  • Fairy Floss | Snap & Crackle | Wizz Fizz | Dip & Lick | Drumstick | Zappo | Pop Rocks | Marshmallow Eyes | Icecream Bar | Zombie Chew |  Sherbet Lollipops | Sherbet Bombs | Trolli Watermelon Slices | Gummy Fried Eggs | Monster Jawbreaker | Trolli Kisses | Sour Mega Egg | Racing Cars | Wonder Bars | Magic Carpets | Trolli Strawberries | Strawberry Clouds | TNT Turbo Tubes | Ring Pop | Nerds Rope | Jolly Ranchers | Kabluey Blasts | Fizzy Ears | Candy Corn | Blueberry Clouds | Gummy Starfish | Gum Fries | Jelly Filled Strawberries 

  • Please be advised that shipping may cause your candy gift box to appear different to its original packed state. 

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