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Looking for the most gangster gift you can find?  Look no further than this. The O.G. has got your back.  With an epic mix of novelties, gummies, sours, sherbet and bubble gum, the O.G. packs a serious sugar punch. 

Total Weight: Over 1kg


The O.G.

GST Included
  • Triple dipper | Zappo | Pop Rocks | Fads | Trolli Burgers | Nerds Rope | Ring Pop | Wizz Fizz | Likety lips | Ultra Gobstopper | Kabluey Blast | Snap & Crackle | Freddo Frogs | Sherbet Bottle | Zombie Chews | Fairy Floss | Warheads | Wacky Gum | Fini Watermelon Wollipops | Jolly Rancher Hard Candy | Zappo | Red Clouds | Bullet Gum | Fried Eggs | Jelly Filled Strawberries | Magic carpets

  • Please be advised that shipping may cause your candy gift box to appear different to its original packed state. 

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